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Art-I-Choke - Chamouche - The changing fly

Another creature from the Institute of Fossil Research is Chamouche called Art-I-Choke because of his vegetable shape. It is a fly like being without wings but with a tongue longer and stickier than the chameleon´s one. It can even change color like the chameleon´s do. It was found in the primeval forest of Pyhä-Häkki in Finland. The finish natives believed in the past that Chamouches are sort of an aphrodisiac and decimated the whole population of these extremely rare creatures already hundreds of years ago. Basically they killed them just for the top part of their tongue which was dried and then sprinkled over food or just put into wine. There is no record if this procedure really ever worked. Chamouches are hermaphrodites (another reason why they were believed to be an aphrodisiac) and therefore the IFR reckons to be able to revive this extinct specimen. It likes colder places and isn’t much of a talker. It actually stands all day long watching its potential pray and once caught it takes it a long time to digest. It is even slower than sloths when it comes to digesting. The only moment when its reacting very fast is if there is honey somewhere around and that’s exactly why it doesn’t like Dramlok (the Candramander) very much as he often knows sooner where it is and eats all of it without leaving a drop for poor Chamouche. All in all it is a friendly creature always seeming to smile the whole day and does not do a lot of noise or mess as it is very well house–trained due to being one of the oldest residents in the IFR.

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