sobota 25. prosince 2010

Ralph the Rabbit

Poor Ralph... He nearly allways gets caught while stealing a carrot... But he´s fast so until now nothing bad happened to him as he´s still alive...

pátek 24. prosince 2010

Khel The Gelf

Khel is one of the last Gelfs. He may seem agressive but in fact hes a very good creature and above this he is a vegetarian.
He was made for the Deep Space Seven Dunny Series and thi inspiration came from the Red Dwarf series...

Deep Space Seven Dunny Series

A while ago a new Dunny custom series ws made for The Deep Space Seven Dunny Series. Participating me Fshizz, Gyzmoe aka LA4, Ioge, Arbe, Puk Puk, Maro DSGN and Yak.
They are allready sold and it took just one day :)

Deep Space Seven

Khel the Gelf


Dunny Soldier

Mur Mur

Dr. Uran

Mr. Zkrat

Maro Muttaboy
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