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Big „Em“ the last of the Urms

Once in a galaxy far far away on a planet called Tilsit a race of intelligent worms was living. They were called the Urms and were the biggest creatures on Tilsit so of course they ruled the whole planet. For centuries the Urm world was like paradise. Nobody would suffer from hunger or thirst as the planets nature provided plenty of delicious food and the water was clean and crystal clear with a slight turquoise tone. As the Urms had no enemy able to face their reign they procreated very fast and overpopulated the whole planet soon. They unfortunately were as well greedy, voracious and their hunger had nearly no end. Therefore the Urm world slowly changed into a dark and sad place filled with death and suffering. All the smaller creatures disappeared, the water was no longer consumable as it was full of Urm excrements and all the food was long gone. When the Urms realized there is nothing left to eat they tried to escape Tilsit and invade other planets, but without any success. Just one single ship with 10 Urms found a suitable planet and landed.
This planet was called Earth. As Urms are usually 3,5 Inches big life on Earth was hard for them and nearly all of the 10 died tragically. For example Lavgr one of the oldest of the Urms saw a tennis court and due to the white lines thought it might be some kind of runway for spaceships. So he went to explore it. Unfortunately very soon a visitor stepped on him. Immediately the visitor who didnt have the required footwear was banished from the court by the administrator Mr Silent but too late. Lavgr was already dead.
The only one who survived was Em the smallest of the Urms. Full of hatred and rage he started seeking for a possibility to enslave our world to revive his nearly extinct race. Don´t be fooled by Em´s innocent eye look. He does it on purpose as the Urms have one big advantage. They can telepathically influence other smaller creatures. Fortunately they can not manipulate humans.
When he lost all his brothers he had to find new followers which would help him completing his evil plans. The first one he met was the Whisperer. He has a name but that is known just to him and Em. He is Em´s right hand and secretly he is the only one who can resist and manipulate Em for his own profit. The Whisperer being a smart pill bug of course knew many others from the insect world so he introduced the two most important ones to Em, General Onyx and Dr. Adephagus the evil professor. General Onyx was the biggest carabid beetle around and had many followers. Those fearing and obeying his monstrosity have built a huge army of all kinds of bugs and served him boundlessly. Of course the spoils of war while being the biggest army around were big and therefore the general had unlimited power. Dr. Adephagus for a change was a pretty lonely bug. His kind was not even discovered yet. as there are just a few and because of being very intelligent they hide very well. Basically they don’t crawl out of their underground holes very often due to many unfinished experiments. The doctor´s specialty was genetic manipulation. With these two Em had what he needed, an army and an insane professor willing to do anything for his experiments. Soon Em and his evil companions found a hideout in the mountains where they discovered a huge cave system offering them a perfect place to start with the first stage of Em´s evil plan.
With the help of the professors knowledge, Em´s technology and the DNA of several most dangerous creatures they started to create a superworm. The working title was the big Fshizzer. After just a week the Fshizzer was growing with the expected staggering speed and was soon bigger than Em and as big as the general. Growing fast and being endlessly hungry he had to eat heaps of grub including maggots, bones and pieces of the general´s opponents each day. Naturally based on his DNA he was dangerous and got angry easily. For these situations Em had a storker a stick with the possibility of more than 100.000 volts. Of course being treated with the storker Fshizzer remembered Em and his fellows and hated them after a short while. Em´s further plan was to wait until the superworm is fully grown to test him in battle against one of the biggest generals opponents the good queen Libella. If the Fshizzer is successful in that battle 3000 jars with superworm fetuses in the upper levels of the mountain caves would be activated to unleash Em´s conquest of Earth.
Unfortunately for Em the Fshizzer had as well a part of the Urm DNA so he could block Em´s telepathic waves and hide his hatred from him. Therefore Em didnt know the unexpected. The Fshizzer although being dangerous and terrifying was as well intelligent and very sensitive. He actually didnt want to harm any innocent creatures and was seeking for a way to escape his penitentiary to put an end to Em´s reign of terror as he secretly felt love for queen Libella due to the many stories about her kindness and beauty he heard. He therefore waited to be bigger and stronger to be able to break the jailbars in his cave and sharpened his teeth everyday to be able to bite through walls and get out of the mountain. And that day came. It was a week before he should have been tested. He was not feeling as strong as he wanted but there was no more time left. When the evil four came for a daily visit he had already prepared and during the night bit on the jailbars so he would be able to break them in a second. With immense power and speed he smashed through the bars and devoured the general who was so surprised that he couldnt even scream before being eaten. The Whisperer showed his true nature and disappeared leaving the others behind and the evil professor used his abilities and hid again very well. So now it was just Em and the Fshizzer. Em was running through the small corridors and Fshizzer bit through stone like through butter being always just a step behind him. Stones were falling. Tunnels were breaking down. The whole cave system was colapsing destroying the fetuses and all the evil equipment. Like that they suddenly nearly reached the top of the mountain where at the end of a secret passage the Urm ship was hidden.
Fshizzer would almost catch Em inflicting him with several wounds but Em eventually made it to the passage, reached the ship and with lightspeed left Earth.
The End? .........................................Toys by me Canvas by Gizmo

Dramlok - the friendly Candramander

Dramlok of the species Candramander is probably the only survivor of his race and a living fossil as no other specimen was ever seen although medieval tales such as The little yellow dragon or The tail of the flaming cancer mention similar creatures. There is not much information about the nature of Candramanders but the few facts known are that they have sliding teeth as they mainly eat fish eggs, berries and if they are lucky and find an accessible beehive they love to steal the honey so they actually do not need their teeth at all. As they are very friendly and never aggressive they are not really good in fighting with enemies. Therefore they build helmet like armor with horns to seem bigger and furious and to protect their soft bodies from being attacked. Dramlok was of course found when trying to get inside a beehive to steal some yummy honey and now lives behind the gates of the Institute of Fossil Research where he already made friends with many other unseen creatures as well as with the staff who love the adorable little fellow. His favorite is Dr. Lex Krupp a German scientist also called the amazing Dr. Homegrown. And let me tell you one thing about Dramlok. He does not need to wear his helmet any more.
Dramlok is a custom of the Kanser from Toyqube..

Art-I-Choke - Chamouche - The changing fly

Another creature from the Institute of Fossil Research is Chamouche called Art-I-Choke because of his vegetable shape. It is a fly like being without wings but with a tongue longer and stickier than the chameleon´s one. It can even change color like the chameleon´s do. It was found in the primeval forest of Pyhä-Häkki in Finland. The finish natives believed in the past that Chamouches are sort of an aphrodisiac and decimated the whole population of these extremely rare creatures already hundreds of years ago. Basically they killed them just for the top part of their tongue which was dried and then sprinkled over food or just put into wine. There is no record if this procedure really ever worked. Chamouches are hermaphrodites (another reason why they were believed to be an aphrodisiac) and therefore the IFR reckons to be able to revive this extinct specimen. It likes colder places and isn’t much of a talker. It actually stands all day long watching its potential pray and once caught it takes it a long time to digest. It is even slower than sloths when it comes to digesting. The only moment when its reacting very fast is if there is honey somewhere around and that’s exactly why it doesn’t like Dramlok (the Candramander) very much as he often knows sooner where it is and eats all of it without leaving a drop for poor Chamouche. All in all it is a friendly creature always seeming to smile the whole day and does not do a lot of noise or mess as it is very well house–trained due to being one of the oldest residents in the IFR.

The Tales of the Amazing Homegrowns - Exhibition

The one day only exhibition of Gizmo´s canvases and my toys and a our colaboration in the story "Big EM the last of the Urms" at the PopUpStore. For more pictures and reports visit Gizmo´s blog, J5.cz, Phatbeatz, Toysrevil, Urbanstage and Spankystokes. Thank you all for the support..

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The tales of the amazing Homegrowns - Invitation

Join me and Gizmo on the 22nd of October at six o´olock PM at the one and only exhibition "The tales of the amazing Homegrowns".
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