středa 28. dubna 2010

Hints and Links

Herewith I want to share a bit of information about various great artists, blogs and a few designer toy stores in the world. Check them out and if you want to see more you can find many of them on Flickr, Twitter, Facebook or Myspace... Sorry to all those I did not mention. I know there´s still plenty of you great ones ...


*64 Colors* |
*Aaron Stewart* |
*Amanda Visell* |
*Angry Woebots* |
*Andrew Bell* |
*Ashley Wood* |
*Brent Nolasco* |
*Brian Flynn* |
*Chauskoskis* |
*Cris Rose* |
*Chris Krebs* |
*Chris Ryniak* |
*Chuckboy* |
*Chris Raab* |
*Cypher13* |
*Dacosta!* |
*Dave Gittleman* |
*Dead Presidents* |
*Gods and Monsters* |
*Dril One* |
*Dustin Cantrell* |
*Entae Kim* |
*Farkfk* |
*Friff* |
*Frank Mysterio* |
*Huck Gee* |
*Jared Deal* |
*Jason Limón* |
*J-Bat* |
*Jeremiah Ketner* |
*John Paul Kaiser* |
*Jan Calleja* |
*J-ROO* |
*Kat Brunnegraff* |
*kaNO* |
*Keithing* |
*Kevin Gosselin* |
*King Abnon* |
*Leecifer* |
*LJ Lindhurst* |
*Lou Pimentel* |
*Lunabee* |
*MAD* |
*Manny Galan* |
*Matt Doughty* |
*Map Map* |
*Motorbot* |
*Moopf* |
*NEMO* |
*Mr. Den* |
*Nerviswr3k* |
*Niark* |
*OsirisOrion* |
*Okkle* |
*Patrick Francisco* |
*Pon* |
*Pocketwookie* |
*Ramon Pla* |
*Reactor-88* |
*Rsinart* |
*Sam Fout* |
*Mr. Shane Jessup* |
*Smallstuffpepe* |
*Steve Talkowski* |
*Sket One* |
*Troy Stith* |
*Tesselatte* |
*Toyarchitects* |
*veggiesomething* |
*Wuz one* |


Argonaut Resins* |
Bfly |
Blamo Toys |
Dragatomi |
Kuso toys |
Lulubell |
Le Lab Toys |
Munky King |
Myplasticheart |
Rotofugi |
Tenancious Toys |
Toyqube |


Spanky Stokes |
Vinylpulse |
Custom Toy Union |
Vinyl abuse |
Toycutter |
Teddy Troops |
Delicious Drips |

úterý 27. dubna 2010

Jindra Holý and his Univate proto

Another vinyl toy head is Jindra Holý who I hope very soon will release his Univate toy which you can see in the post bellow.. Good luck to him...

He can also be found on flickr and twitter...

pondělí 26. dubna 2010


Someone who shouldnt stay unseen is the amazing TRON with his Fshizzy custom called Vočko(Moe)and the before posted Praha Troop . He aswell is the designer of Free magazine , where he published our Praha troops series

Vočko aka Moe (Fshizzy custom)

Vočko aka Moe (Fshizzy custom)

Vočko aka Moe (Fshizzy custom)

Teddy troops Free mag article

Free mag


Let me introduce to you another great artist. Its YAK with her stunning Munny customs called Bumblebee Floris and Bumblebee Mája...

Bumblebee Floris

Bumblebee Mája

Bumblebee Mája


Finally I want to introduce another artist from the Czech Republic IOGE who is the creator of the bellow shown OTTO figure which is now in the stage of a prototype and I hope will be released soon.

Otto front

Otto back

Toysrevil review

Medusa ( Munny custom for The Legendary series )

Avatar mask

Clique magazine

Graffiti is big.... And so is Clique magazine the world - class Graffiti and Streetculture magazine from Prague...
Lately they released an interview with me, so what more can I say ... Big up to them... and to all you others just have a look at your local graffiti shop if they have this great mag...

Another important thing to mention here is the only one true vinyl toy e-shop in the czech republic . The two guys who run this shop are true designer toy lovers, as they have nearly no profit from selling the toys here in the Czech Republic. They aswell are contributing to the phenomenon vinyl toys with custom series once in a time like the Praha Troops , The Legendary Munny series or the PUP-PUK Monkeys from the last post. More to say is, that there´s something new on the way... Be patient and you´ll see


Another great artist mainly doing illustratins is PUK PUK from Brno... Have a look at his slavistic customs of the chaos monkey he did for ...


I think everyone should know about my friend Gyzmoe who is a great graffiti writer, and does cool toys aswell...

Salamander Foot Soldier ( custom Fshizzy )

Icarus ( Munny custom for the Legendary series )

Salamander Rocket Foot Soldier ( Teddy troops custom for the Praha Troops series )

Praha troops custom series for by Dize, Tron, Fshizz, Pasta, Gyzmoe, Fshizz

pátek 23. dubna 2010

I am a Chilehead...

As I am a chilehead aswell, I have to show you my sauces I made long ago and which friends said are delicious... I called them Scarab sauces...

Gregor Samsa (Metarmophosis) and other characters

Here another older work from me... others can be viewed here...


An old dumpling drawing by me ... More can be found here... These are mainly all caricatures of czech and other movies.

středa 21. dubna 2010

PVC Show at

This was the show I made Occty for and luckily I made it to the 2nd place...

Fshizz Strikes Back

My dream came true on 10.3.2010. 66 Gallery gave me the chance to have my first solo exhibition and show people here in the Czech Republic what vinyl toys are...

Occty skully custom

Occty was made for ś PVC contest. Hes based on their 4" Skully...

Monster Hangover...

This custom of Peskimos Monster Burp was really fun as I totally understand his state as I think of my past Hangovers :D

My customs

These are one of my latest non Dunny customs


The Fshizzer

Fire Salamander
Customizing is fun...

Fire Salamander

Jason Fortrees

Frank Vorhees

Skating Acrobate Trooper


Dunny customs

My latest set of Dunny customs




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