neděle 10. července 2011

Big „EM“ the last of the Urms

EM is the last of his kind. Once his race, the Urms, lived on a planet far far away. There they were the biggest creatures and of course ruled the whole planet. The Urm world was once like paradise. Nobody would suffer from hunger or thirst, but the Urms were greedy, voratious and their hunger had no end. Soon the Urm world changed into a dark and sad place filled with death and suffering. When the Urms realized there is nothing left to eat they tried to escape and invade other planets, but without any success. Just one single ship with 10 Urms found a suitable planet and landed. This planet was Earth. As Urms are usually 3,5 Inches big it was a hard life for them on earth and nearly all of the 10 died tragically. The only one who survived was EM the smallest of the Urms. Full of hatred and rage ( Dont be fooled by EMs eyelook. He does this on purpose.) he´s seeking for a possibility to enslave our world to revive his nearly extinct race. Toysrevil review here

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