sobota 7. ledna 2012

Fearless Ed

Faerless Ed was made for a friends Fixed Gear magazine PEDAL PROJECT with the topic Two Wheels Good. Heres Eds story:

Everybody in the forest knew Ed. He was the most self confident animal around. His day consisted of food and showing off. He was so egocentric he had to be in the spotlight in every possible situation. All the animals after a certain time got tired of him as he was often exaggerating and getting on their nerves. So after a while they didn´t care about him anymore. One day a new road was built near the forest and nobody had the courage to cross it. That was the perfect moment for Ed to get the desired attention from everybody again and show his fearlessness.
He stated he would be the first to cross this road. He started by observing it for a week or two and figured out most of the traffic is during the day, and at night the few cars are actually more visible because of the lights. He therefore decided to cross it at midnight. This was a fatal decision. He looked left and right a few times and saw no lights so started to run. Not for long however. He unfortunately didn´t think of one eventuality. The PP possibility. There was no car, no lights, and no sound but suddenly he felt it. Immediately he couldn´t move his left paw and couldn't feel his legs. The reason ? He had been cut into 5 pieces by two pedal project bikes. Unfortunately they had no lights and were so fast and silent he couldn´t even realize they were coming.
Sadly, that was the end of Fearless Ed. Toysrevil review here

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