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Dramlok - the friendly Candramander

Dramlok of the species Candramander is probably the only survivor of his race and a living fossil as no other specimen was ever seen although medieval tales such as The little yellow dragon or The tail of the flaming cancer mention similar creatures. There is not much information about the nature of Candramanders but the few facts known are that they have sliding teeth as they mainly eat fish eggs, berries and if they are lucky and find an accessible beehive they love to steal the honey so they actually do not need their teeth at all. As they are very friendly and never aggressive they are not really good in fighting with enemies. Therefore they build helmet like armor with horns to seem bigger and furious and to protect their soft bodies from being attacked. Dramlok was of course found when trying to get inside a beehive to steal some yummy honey and now lives behind the gates of the Institute of Fossil Research where he already made friends with many other unseen creatures as well as with the staff who love the adorable little fellow. His favorite is Dr. Lex Krupp a German scientist also called the amazing Dr. Homegrown. And let me tell you one thing about Dramlok. He does not need to wear his helmet any more.
Dramlok is a custom of the Kanser from Toyqube..

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